Treating Photodamage

My last couple of blogs I have discussed the impact the sun can have on our skin and how important protecting with sunscreen really is. Today I am going to talk about how we can treat Photodamaged skin.

The treatments that we are looking at when treating this condition are treatments that are going to cause the skin to rejuvenate. So when I talk about rejuvenating treatments, you may be thinking, what are these?

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Photodamage Uncovered

My focus this week has been on the sun, we’ve had the most beautiful weather for a few weeks now, which is extremely out of character for the UK, so I thought it’s the perfect time address this subject. My previous post was on sunscreens and how we can protect our skin from the UV rays we get from the sun. This post is going to be all about one of the most common skin conditions that I see in my clinic and is a direct result of sun exposure, Photodamage or Photoageing.

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The Importance of wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year!

This is a subject that, when discussed with my clients they always seem surprised and bewildered that I am telling them to wear sunscreen even in the winter months. Sun protection should not be limited to use on our sunshine holidays to solely prevent the short term effects in the form of sunburn. It is the long term exposure that causes gradual damage and accounts for about 90% of the skin’s signs of ageing and leads to a higher risk of skin cancers, including melanoma.

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April is Rosacea Awareness Month

What happens in a Rosacea skin?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition and is defined as facial erythema. This normally presents on the central face area and can display as diffused redness, telangiectasia (visible capillaries) with a blue undertone, small bumps and pustules and in extreme cases Rhinophyma (bulbous nose).

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How to help your skin as the seasons change

Our skin can be very quick to react to changes in the atmosphere and being our first line of defence it is important that it is prepared for this change. We are just about to step into spring so we can expect a change of temperature, humidity, and UV levels. This can all affect how our skin functions and responds to its external environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

So we are in self Isolation due to Covid-19 and I thought I’d asked on my Instagram Stories for any questions relating to skin and skincare. If clients can’t come to me then I can still help virtually. Here are some of the questions I got asked:

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The Skin and Psychology

If you follow me on social media you will have seen that last weekend I attended Aesthetic Medicine Live Clinical Conference in London. One of the subjects talked about which really resonated with me was Skin and Psychology. The psychological impact of skin conditions really cannot be underestimated and in my clinic I often find myself on the front line of this.

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